The benefits of Lead Acid Batteries


The latest issue of Best Magazine (Winter 2021 n.71) was published last week. Among the many interesting topics, there was an article dedicated to the opinions of battery industry professionals about whether the approach to the future of the lead acid battery industry should be based on changing peoples’ about lead batteries or promoting

The benefits of Lead Acid Batteries2021-02-16T16:14:24+01:00

Lead batteries: there is a FUTURE!


One topic which is surely in battery manufacturers’ and equipment suppliers’ minds during these uncertain times is what the future of lead acid batteries will look like. Well, we’ve done a little research, and have found some very interesting insights. In particular, according to the source Reports & Data, the outlook for the next

Lead batteries: there is a FUTURE!2021-02-16T09:48:54+01:00

Interesting take aways from the 17ELBC


Interesting take aways from the 17ELBC Unlike other ELBCs, this virtual 17ELBC gave CAM stand representatives the chance to actually follow the live sessions, an important opportunity which is not usually afforded those who man the booths, but which is no less important than for a battery manufacturer or researcher to attend, because it’s

Interesting take aways from the 17ELBC2020-10-14T16:48:09+02:00
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