The Work process outline:

What to expect from the first Contact to Commissioning

You need to know the Work Process Outline, before entrusting major investments to suppliers,

Below you will find CAM’s work process, from first contact to commissioning.

Request for quotation from a battery manufacturer manager

At this stage we are contacted by managers who need more information on CAM products or services.

CAM’s focus is on the production of lead oxide and polymerization chambers.

We never send offers and layouts without first ‘intuiting’ the potential customer with information materials.
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We organize a conference call with the manager and his work team, once he has received all the necessary materials, .
We do this to understand the needs of our potential customer.

Layout Design

Only from this moment do we start designing a layout, and finally, we formulate an economic offer.

We provide:

  1. A Feasibility study

  2. 2D and 3D layouts tailored to each customer

  3. Instructions regarding utilities to be installed

  4. A “No Worries” report: a detailed analysis of the advantages of installing a CAM oxide production line with LSS (Lead Shaving System) Technology, tailored to the customer’s real situation

At this point we negotiate a technical and economic contract, with the customer issuing a Purchase order. At this point we proceed with the production phase


We follow very strict quality control procedures at CAM.
CAM Production is carried out entirely in the headquarters in Fossacesia.

Every detail plays an important role in optimizing the final process.

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Installation and startup

This service consists of qualified supervision of the works relating to the assembly, start-up and commissioning of the system. The detailed program is agreed upon signing the supply contract.

The services are provided by a team of experts with the following qualifications:

Mechanical Technician,
Electrical and automation technician,
Process engineer and chemist.

Some CAM technicians have more than one qualification and are therefore able to carry out several services all along installation.

The Customer will have to provide the specialized personnel necessary to be trained by our specialists, tools, according to the quantities agreed with the signing of the supply contract.

The training of the plant staff will be organized in such a way as to make them autonomous in managing the plant at the time of its commissioning.

Commissioning of CAM equipment

The commissioning service is the procedure aimed at demonstrating the operational characteristics of the Equipment, which includes set-up operations, production preparation and test production along with the effectiveness of the transferred Know-How.

We will provide the Customer with a list of standards and specifications relevant to the technological process.

We will also provide:

– Remote Assistance 12 hours a day for 7 days, for TWO years
– technical audit and evaluation of the Customer’s system
– recommendations for improvement

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