Cylinder Melting Pot 8 – Product Overview

Product Name: MELTING POT 8

Product Description:

The melting pot that can work for 20 years. The CYL MELTING POT 8 for lead pigs have a capacity of 8 tons. The choice of the pot is made according to the function which the melt pot is to perform (melting, holding, alloy preparation).
One or more burners are situated externally, together with the connection for the “Venturi System” fume extraction chimney. CAM melt pots are equipped with a sheet metal hood containing the pumps, transfer pipes, alloy elevator, shaker, pig loading system and chimney for bath fumes.
This system can be equipped with an ingot conveyor, which works automatically with the oven.

The support structure of the pot is insulated with suitable refracting material, in which one or more burners housing, 1 passageway for exhaust fumes and 1 lower pot support structure are located. External temperatures 50- 70 °C. The upper part of the structure is sealed with a metal sheeting hood which has the same shape as the lead pot. This hood is designed with passageways for lead transfer pumps, loading point for lead ingots and attachment for exhaust flue. The oven is equipped with one burner generating 300,000 kCal/h with double flame, minimum and maximum. The temperature control system is carried out by means of 2 probes with thermoregulators, one for normal operation and another for safety.
An electrical control panel for burner control will be supplied.

Energy recovery system on lead melt pots
In recent years, we install an energy recovery fumes on the ovens, as we have found through prototypes, that there is an annual gas saving from 17% to 28%, depending on the size of the oven.
The energy recovery system will include the insertion of an air/air stainless steel heat exchanger with radiating pipes into the melting pot burner exhaust chimney. The heat recovered from the exchanger will be re-conveyed to the burner as oxidized air. The heat recovered from the exchanger will be re-mixed with ambient temperature air for a correct functioning of the burner.

Data Sheet:


CYL MELTING POT 8 DIMENSIONS: L 2922 x W 2594 x H 2512 [mm]


NATURAL GAS: FLOW 35mc/h; PRESSURE (50÷100) mbar;

Product Layout: