Lead Shaving System – Product Overview

Product Name: LEAD SHAVING SYSTEM (for Lead Ingot)

Product Description:

The Gas FREE Milling System

The LSS (Lead Shaving System) technology is made up of three devices:
– ingots conveyor
– Lead Shaver
– Shaved cylinder conveyor

The first NO CO2 Emission that produce shavings for lead oxide production.
This is the first system in the world in the production of chips for the production of lead oxide without casting. This is a patented system in the years 2004-2005.

Specifically, the following have been patented:
1- lead shaving system
2- lead oxide ball mill supplies by shavers.
The patents are listed in the Download section.

Functioning Principle

This machine produces lead shavings or gratings directly from the lead ingot, thus eliminating the need to melt lead, with great advantages, such as:

  •  ‘Just in time’ production, just press Start and wait for the shavings arrive in the mill silo.

  •  The lead foundry department is eliminated, with subsequent savings on energy costs for melting and holding molten lead during off-production hours.

  •  The depreciation of the plant is approximately 3 years.

  •  Lead pumps and transfer pipes have been eliminated

  • Savings on maintenance costs for maintenance of melt pots, burners, refracting material.

  • Dross produced by traditional melting process is eliminated, thus offering great advantages on special waste management.

  • Lead ingots no longer require special storage for protection from humidity.

  •  Working environment is improved due to elimination of molten lead exhaust and risk of burns.

The mechanical compression action of the cutting tool favours hardening of the surface of the shaving, which facilitates the abrasion process inside the mill.

Moreover, with the same action, the shaving is exposed to a compression and traction tension, which stresses and coarsens the shaving’s surface. In a short-time the surface begins to flake off inside the mill.

The particular shape of the lead shaving favours air flow all around and through it, thus providing a greater surface area to be oxidized, as compared to traditional lead slugs.

It is well known that temperatures during the production phase affect the crystal structure of PbO, which is very important for the pasting, curing and formation phases. The shavings allow an increased passage of air throughout the interstitial areas of the ballast, with respect to casted slugs producing a low temperature oxide which is essentially free of PbO crystals.

Product Layout:


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