Here are the success stories of our customers

CAM is a company strongly oriented towards its customers, focused on guaranteeing them excellent results, creating equipment that can provide real long-term benefits.

All this thanks to the application of the CAM METHOD

Exide Technologies

Ball mill machine operator:

With the new generation of MOP24 ball mill installed in the summer of 2021 we are very happy. Compared to old models, oxidation is managed simply.
Problems are resolved intuitively and quickly. CAM’s real skill is assistance at all times, including process and production explanations.

With the new SCADA, conducting the MOP is friendly as it is possible to intervene in time thanks to the pre-alarms set.
Operating a CAM mill is very intuitive and simple to learn for beginners.

Luca Pagano
Ball mill machine operator
Exide Technologies, Italy

Mutlu Aku

Project Engineer: 

Before our Production time is soo high. You can reduce the production time for curing rooms into factory. Our capacity increased properly. It will be good for MUTLU.
I liked mostly, your assistance in the commissioning time. Of CAM, first one is quality, second one is good cooperation with Mutlu. I can recommend your equipment and your experiences.

Serkan Kuru
Project Engineer

BAE Batterien
Head of Production:

Before our contact with CAM our issue was the deviation of oxide content with respect to the target figure in our lead oxide production. The best aspects of our collaboration with the CAM Team has been their quick reaction/support, reliability, and most of all, we feel we have a contact partner for the mill (for our old mill there was nobody able to help us in any question).

With CAM we have a continuous discussion of design, engineering solutions and a feeling of being involved. Today, we have homogeneous oxide production and more efficiency in oxide production. It is a good product.

Sascha Vallentin
Head of Production
BAE Batterien; Germany

Exide Technologies
Project Engineer:

In 2019 we chose CAM to supply an energy saving 25 ton melting pot for the rolling mill. CAM is a very reputed manufacturer inside Exide, so our decision went on that direction. In addition to this, thanks to this system we were able to handle to different alloys to maximize production. The collaboration with CAM can be summarized in: Easiness, straightforward, professional, reliable, especially remarkable their commitment to undertake this project.

The benefits we have with the CAM melting pot are: Energy consumption reduction, product quality.

Luis Medrano Rustarazo
Engineering Department

Exide Technologies, Spain

Engineering & Operational Manager:

I consider CAM not a supplier but a partner. It was essential in defining the optimal solution in the design phase, reliable and professional in the installation and commissioning phases. CAM staff has made our challenges their own, accompanying us to success

Fabio De Titta
Engineering & Operational Manager

FIAMM, Italy

Exide Technologies
Project Manager:

From the experience in Dubai UAE and the completed installation of Curing Chambers including auxiliary equipment we had a good, on time experience with a reliable installation and start up. Frequent technical communication and support by CAM was a plus to the success of the project

Kasper Matysiak
Project Manager Manufacturing Engineering Europe
Exide Technologies, Germany

Quality Controll Manager:

According to my experience in the chemical sector, CAM represents excellence in industrial plants with its forward thinking technology and high quality of materials. The expertise of the technical, installation, and maintenance teams is a guarantee

Lucia Faenza
Quality Controll Manager
Siapra SpA, Italy

Exide Technologies 
Process Engineer:
We put CAM equipment under heavy stress as it is working full week/three shifts. The machines are good, service quick and assistance outperforms other Italian producers. I was impressed by their technical knowledge of the lead battery industry

Michal Bukala
Exide Technologies, Poland

Plant Purchasing Manager:

A company with a strong vocation to the client; competence and professionalism, with specialized personnel, that assists you from the first request for information all the way to installation and post-sales assistance

Mario D’Angelo

Plant Purchasing Manager
FIAMM, Italy

Quality & Process Engineer:

CAM has been collaborating for many years with FIAMM both for installation of new equipment and for maintenance of the plants installed through the years. From my personal collaboration with them, I can attest that they are highly professional, competent and very proactive. Their products are reliable and guarantee the tasks for which they were installed.

Cristian Desiato
Quality & Process Engineer 

FIAMM, Italy

Purchasing Department:

CAM Srl is a strategic equipment supplier for our production facility. This company has many years of experience in the field and they support us with their technical competence and timely interventions. Many spare parts are always available for urgent needs.

Lorella Vanzan
Purchasing Department
FIAMM, Italy

Exide Technologies
AGM Assembly Supervisor: 

The installation of MOP30 Mill and cylinders machine was a great success. CAM gived the support to all companies involved and coordinated all the process in the installation of the Mill. All the assistance after Mill started up was very fast and efficient.
It was a great pleasure to work with CAM.

André Barbosa
AGM Assembly Supervisor
Exide Technologies, Portugal

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