What is the CAM METHOD and why is it worthwhile?

Do your batteries sometimes get sent back to you before reaching the 3-year warranty period?  Or do your batteries sometimes lack the starting power they require? The CAM Method, a system based on 50 years of research and development may be the help you’re looking for.

The CAM Method is a series of operating strategies that facilitate battery producers, allowing them to manufacture high quality, high performance industrial and SLI battery plates, while reducing energy costs.

Quality control in the lead acid battery industry has reached extremely high levels nowadays. The entire production chain, from lead ingots to racks of finished batteries ready for shipment are completely traceable and under control.  This is fantastic, considering that only a few years ago, there wasn’t even a bar code on batteries.

The world is moving forward in unison with technology, but certain issues can still linger. Take, for example, the fact that some batteries do not make the grade. Sure, we’re talking about a small percentage, especially for manufacturers that aim for high quality, but it’s still too many, and that may reflect on your reputation. There are many things that play a part in this, and we can talk about them for weeks, but for the moment we’d like to focus on our area of expertise: lead battery plates.

The CAM Method is a system which will help you eliminate faulty battery claims or hard to form batteries.

During the last 50 years, we’ve developed the know how needed to solve issues connected with battery plates, and from now on we want to share it with you, because we strongly believe in lead acid battery technology.

Our mission is to promote concrete, high quality, money saving solutions for “Clean” production processes (not only objectively clean but streamlined, problem-free): in other words, the CAM Method.

The CAM Method is a support system for battery production professionals, not only those who are in direct contact with production departments, but also for those who are more accustomed to crunching numbers.

This is just an introduction to a series of articles which will discuss the CAM Method in detail. Look out for our next article, coming soon, but for now, we invite you to take a moment to read up on our latest news.


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