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plate curing

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Plate Curing


Plate Curing and Steam Cure: Innovating the Lead Acid Battery Industry with Mathematics Why do plates need to be cured? Curing chambers have the task of finishing the oxidation of free lead lead remaining in the production of plates. Until the 1970s, jute bags were used to increase humidity and therefore continue the

Plate Curing2024-02-28T14:11:18+01:00

How to Cure Premium Lead Battery Plates


Quality targets for lead battery production have always been determined by falling within certain parameters. In the specific case of curing and drying of battery plates, certain free lead and residual humidity parameters must be achieved. One cannot always take for granted to be within these parameters because there are many variables to contend

How to Cure Premium Lead Battery Plates2024-02-20T15:51:18+01:00

Curing Chambers: 20 years After StartUp


When investing in industrial equipment and choosing a supplier, one of the most important factors in the decision making process is the price. Due to a difference in approach between the Engineering and Purchasing departments, all too often the choice simply falls on the equipment that costs less. The economic quotation is strategically important,

Curing Chambers: 20 years After StartUp2024-02-20T15:52:54+01:00
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