Quality targets for lead battery production have always been determined by falling within certain parameters.

In the specific case of curing and drying of battery plates, certain free lead and residual humidity parameters must be achieved.

One cannot always take for granted to be within these parameters because there are many variables to contend with, such as:

  • The type of chamber,

  • The exhaust system of the factory

  • The vectors used for generating heat and moisture

  • The internal flow of the chamber itself

That being said, aiming for certain quality values is only the tip of the iceberg in the sense that we are talking about relatively long cycles, so the process must be well controlled.

Thanks to certain technological developments, today it’s possible to control each curing chamber using data acquisition systems or simply thanks to the PLC and operator’s panels, which besides having an operational function, can also be used as a database to visualize each moment of the process.

In order to have uniformity in plate curing, you need to establish cycles which guarantee consistent temperature, humidity, and an air flow that uniformly envelops each plate. All of this translates to CAM Steam Cure, the curing chamber for battery plates that heats by air and cures by steam.

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