We always talk about technology, energy saving emissions, and God forbid.

The world of lead-acid batteries, today, has a fundamental role for the well-being of people (see the fundamental role that lead-acid batteries had during the pandemic) and it is of fundamental importance to innovate, both in terms of process and savings. economic, as well as energy.

Today I want to tell you how LEAD SHAVER was born, if you don’t know it you can see the video that explains this new, clean, and Real energy saving way on how to produce lead oxide without melting furnaces.

More than 20 years ago, we are talking about the early 2000s, the Marfisi brothers, Armando and Fernando, were having dinner with one of our technicians during the assembly of a mill. During the editing, many times he didn’t always go out to eat for lunch, he took a short break with a sandwich and went back to work immediately.

This meant that in the evening, obviously, even the missed lunch was made up.

Speeches during business trips, in the end, always end up there, at work, but more than at work per se it always becomes a sort of brainstorming on ideas, hypotheses, ‘follies’ in general in order to invent something again and convenient for the battery manufacturer.

And that evening, in front of a steaming plate of amatriciana, the idea was officially born:

while Antonio, the technician who ate with the Marfisi brothers, grated the parmesan with an electric grater Fernando said: “… sorry, why do we melt lead if we can grate it directly?”

Moments of frost, broken by a fat general laugh… but then Armando, the eldest, intervenes: “finally we have found the solution!”

Obviously, a few years have passed between now and the LEAD SHAVER in 2020, fully functional, but we will talk about this in the next episode.

What I can tell you firsthand is that the LEAD SHAVER is now used by more than one international battery brand, both industrial and automotive.

It is a no gas system, therefore no emission, no CO2, no chimney. A lot of stuff for those who today bring out many thousand €/year for the gas bill alone.

But the most interesting thing is the minimum annual maintenance costs, irrelevant compared to a fusion system, as well as other ‘cold’ systems that are around but which hide important maintenance costs.

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