For decades industrial pollution has been a central Global issue but it seems as only now the consequences are really beginning to hit home.
The idea that industrial pollution is no longer acceptable is finally in the mainstream significantly the lead acid battery industry is one sector in which CO2 emissions can already truly be reduced.

At CAM we have dedicated years to Innovation and have been working to create a green environment with Sustainable Solutions to produce lead Oxide without CO2 emissions. We have consolidated our lead shaver a unique machine for producing feed material by Milling

This equipment guarantees just-in-time production with no need to store the cylinders only eight kilowatt hours are consumed to process one ton of lead compared to 95 by casting methods but it is emission free importantly this system also requires very low maintenance our latest sustainable

Innovation is our FASMELT, magnetic induction oven for lead grid production this oven takes only 20 minutes to reach 400 degrees Celsius and is emission free

It is compact with a reduced footprint compared to the classic Melting Pot and it consumes only 16 kilowatt hours per ton of lead as compared to traditional melting ovens it’s not easy to change the world but we can continue driving this change by doing what we know best our customers can maintain high production standards while respecting the environment

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