FASMELT – Product Overview

Product Name: FASMELT

Product Description:

FASMELT is a MAGNETIC INDUCTION melting pot, with rapid melting time, extremely low dross production, and most of all, roughly 60% lower energy costs.

The concept of the oven is basically the same as a classic gas or electrical melting oven. It is equipped with a completely automatic ingot conveyor designed specifically for this application. Fasmelt uses a high frequency generator to heat the melting pot by means of copper coils, which generate a magnetic field that quickly melts the lead ingot. We achieve the melt temperature of around 400° in just 20 minutes

The kettle is covered with a special insulation system to guarantee consistency of temperature. The ingot is lowered into the melt when the bath temperature and level settings are reached.

FASMELT is a safe system. It has been designed to isolate residual magnetic fields thanks to an alluminum shield. We have done exhaustive testing to measure the magnetic field and we had values lower than 10 microT.

Our classic CAM pumping system is used to remove the lead from the pot. It is equipped with an extraction pump and a joule effect heated pipe regulated by inverter.

FASMELT is completely closed, and has a smaller diameter than a classic melting oven. This means the contact of the lead surface with oxygen is reduced, so less dross is produced. This translates to lower costs for special waste treatment. Furthermore, FASMELT is equipped with an automatic dross removal system that channels the dross to a container for easy disposal.

FASMELT does not use gas, so energy costs are lower, but it also requires less maintenance. Magnetic induction causes the heat to be distributed uniformly instead of just on one point as with gas heating.

The crucible is made of the same material as that used in gas ovens and rock wool is used for insulation. Therefore, we expect a very long life of the crucible, and there is no flaking of refractory material, so maintenance costs are lower.

In fact, there are fewer production stops, back-ups, and safety issues with respect to those connected with traditional ovens.

This clean system allows immediate production, and no need to maintain temperatures when not producing. It requires roughly 20 minutes to make liquid lead, ready to be fed to the rolling mill.

To summarize, FASMELT provides the following benefits:

Just in time production, so you use the system when you need it

– It requires roughly 20 minutes to melt lead compared with least 2-3 hours for classic gas or electric immersion pots.

– The production rate is 3 tons per hour.

– We have roughly a 50% reduction of the equipment footprint compared to a 25T melting oven

– FASMELT is equipped with an automatic dross removal system

– Energy costs are reduced by about 60%.

– We have ZERO GAS EMISSIONS, so no need for complex exhaust systems

Data Sheet:

DESCRIPTION                                                                    VALUE

Overall dimensions:                                                        [2400 x 5390 x 1720] mm

Hourly production:                                                         up to 3,6 t/h

Ingot loading onto conveyor:                                       3 times/h


Electrical consumption to melt 1 lead ton:               16,6 kWh/t

Electrical consumption:                                                up to 40 kWh

Product Layout:


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