When investing in industrial equipment and choosing a supplier, one of the most important factors in the decision making process is the price. Due to a difference in approach between the Engineering and Purchasing departments, all too often the choice simply falls on the equipment that costs less.

The economic quotation is strategically important, but the long-term ROI often takes a back seat with respect to the short-term savings.

Sometimes, new equipment requires significant, extraordinary maintenance after only 5 years from commissioning, that can cost up to 15% of the purchasing value. And then you have machinery that is still working after 20 years, producing with the same efficiency as on day one. One example of such a fortunate case is the CAM series 12MR34 curing chambers installed in Turkey in 2001.

After years and years of operation, these chambers are still of fundamental importance to this manufacturer to assure high quality curing and drying of lead acid battery plates. Mechanically, this equipment is highly reliable, and the curing cycles still give the same, consistent lab results as on day one.

The company R&D Process Engineer had this to say about these curing chambers:

“Our CAM curing chambers, which were commissioned in 2001 at the Mutlu Battery Factory, still continue production. Thanks to the trust given years ago, we decided to work with CAM S.R.L again after 20 years, when we needed a new curing chamber, and the laboratory results proved that we made the right decision.” Burak Atci, Process Engineering Supervisor, MUTLU AKÜ, ISTANBUL

Price is important, but heavy-duty equipment that maintains optimal efficiency over time is what manufacturers who want to make top class batteries should be looking for.

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