How to produce 100% Tetragonal Lead Oxide

Lead batteries were the most utilized source of energy accumulation of the 20th century.
One of the main benefits of this type of battery is the reliability of life cycle and performance with time. To achieve this, one of the essential elements is to have a lead oxide which makes a paste that adheres perfectly to the grid, so you should only have lead oxide with a tetragonal crystal structure.

The CAM MOP ball mill is able to produce lead oxide which quarantee a long life and high cranking power.

To certify such high quality level of quality, we recently ordered chemical testing of a sample of lead oxide from a CAM MOP 30 ball mill at the University of l’Aquila, Department of Chemical Engineering[1].

The results were sensational:

– Litharge, Pb1O1 (Screen ICSD 98-006-2843), Crystal system: Tetragonal, 87,8%

–  Lead, Pb1 (Screen ICSD 98-009-6501), 12,1%

CAM MOP ball mills are the only ones that have an internal cooling system using water spray. This system has been studied in detail: it is controlled by certain process conditions and when the ball mill “requests” cooling, the nozzles spray molecules of H20. These molecules of H20 are sprayed at a certain pressure inside the mill drum so as to not permit instantaneous contact with the “oxide bed”. This is done to control the temperature inside the mill in a direct manner, so that you NEVER have peaks of temperature which could cause the formation of orthorhombic crystals which are damaging for batteries. This is the only way to achieve 100% tetragonal oxide and the results of the University of L’Aquila confirm this.

Besides this we also performed tests on the contamination of lead oxide by the water and the results are the complete absence of contamination.

To produce lead oxide which guarantee a long life and consistent, high cranking power, the CAM MOP ball mill is the solution.

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