Don’t have anough room to install a ball mill in line? The solution is the CAM Method

When building a new battery factory, space is not usually an issue. But if you need to install a new oxide production system in an established factory, there are always issues regarding the dimensions.

The case study I want to talk about is the installation of an MOP 30 ball mill in an historic lead battery factory, using the CAM Method:

This factory already had CAM mill, a MOP24 installed in 2002, and they needed to install another, bigger one. Besides the ball mill, they required a lead oxide storage system that could handle the higher volume. The problem was the space they had available. The first ball mill system had been installed in an area of approximately 90 m2 and this was the same amount of space planned for a new system as well, except for the fact that this time, they wanted a MOP 30, not a MOP 24, including the larger silos.

The solution was proposed following the parameters of the CAM Method. We personalized the standard MOP 30, by revolutionizing the classic layout and adapting the entire system to the available space (90 m2).

So we successfully installed a 30ton MOP ball mill and lead oxide storage system in the same amount of space dedicated to a 24Ton/day plant.

André Barbosa, AGM Assembly Supervisor, comments on this experience with CAM:

“The installation of MOP30 Mill and cylinders machine was a great success. CAM gived the support to all companies involved and coordinated all the process in the installation of the Mill. All the assistance after Mill started up was very fast and efficient.
It was a great pleasure to work with CAM.”

If you dream of installing an MOP mill but you don’t have enough room, CAM has the personalized solution for you