One topic which is surely in battery manufacturers’ and equipment suppliers’ minds during these uncertain times is what the future of lead acid batteries will look like. Well, we’ve done a little research, and have found some very interesting insights.

In particular, according to the source Reports & Data, the outlook for the next six years in terms of SLI, renewables, motive power, stationary, etc., shows a steady increase of around 34 billion USD over the entire period.

While the pandemic may surely influence these figures initially, the outlook is still positive, with interesting areas of expansion at the global level, because even at this difficult time, or perhaps especially now, the need for reliable energy storage is essential, and lead acid is just this: reliable, with the added value of being cost effective, not to mention fully recyclable, as compared to other battery chemistries.

That’s why equipment supply companies like CAM are continuing to work to provide innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to manufacturers who are called on to provide the global markets the batteries that will guarantee that workers, hospitals, commuters – just about everybody, can keep moving forward efficiently and reliably in every-day life.