Interesting take aways from the 17ELBC

Unlike other ELBCs, this virtual 17ELBC gave CAM stand representatives the chance to actually follow the live sessions, an important opportunity which is not usually afforded those who man the booths, but which is no less important than for a battery manufacturer or researcher to attend, because it’s a way to put one’s finger on the pulse of what’s going on in this industry, especially now in these times of pandemic.

So, without further ado, here are a couple of takeaway points that CAM reps considered most important regarding the first two presentations: the introductory remarks by ILA’s Andy Bush and the Keynote presentation by Clarios CEO, Mark Wallace.

As equipment suppliers, we feel that, although these difficult times have surely impacted our industry (hopefully in positive ways more than negative), we are comforted by the fact that CAM has always been in line with the most important themes of these two speakers:  the need for innovation with the clear objective of sustainability of lead acid battery production, with ever increasing attention on correctly managing environmental pollution.

As many of you may know, our equipment has always been designed and built in the framework of constant innovation with these very objectives. Our ball mills are also extremely cost-effective because our mill motor helps our clients save approximately 100,000 kWh of power per year.

In fact, our innovations through the years in all our equipment have been aimed at reducing gas and electrical consumption, while at the same time increasing operational efficiency and quality.

With their evaluations of the current situation, both speakers proposed that, although fraught with uncertainty, this time offers many opportunities precisely to our industry, because lead acid batteries are still important for keeping our countries running in their most essential activities.

By calling to mind the cost stability, recyclability and reliability of lead acid batteries, Mike made it very clear how our industry is in an important position to lead the way in guaranteeing our ability to continue doing so.

Therefore, when Mike spoke about obsessing about what is put in our batteries, it was natural for us, as equipment suppliers to ask ourselves -are we giving our customers equipment that will help them properly and sustainably manage the life cycle of their products?

We believe that we are, because we build equipment that effectively reduces CO2 levels while guaranteeing optimal results. Whether your objective is do this by producing high quality lead oxide using feed material from our lead lead shaving system or by the traditional cylinder casting equipment, we offer valid options that will help secure that objective. Likewise, the curing process in our Steam Cure curing chambers, has been proven to reduce gas consumption by approximately 40%.

In conclusion, we feel that it is important for every player in the industry to reflect on these issues to find the best way to move forward in guaranteeing best practices for reaching these objectives. At CAM, we are confident that we are on the right path towards this and are optimistic about contributing even more to these efforts as our equipment evolves.