Why choosing suppliers based on price is (almost) always a problem

In B2B, fortunately, choosing a supplier for a new produciton line is based on the lowest price 80% of the time. Unfortunately, 20% of the time, it’s not.

The question is this:

“Would you entrust your children to a babysitter at the lowest price, with convictions for abuse?”

I already know the answer: OF COURSE NOT!

Likewise, you should never choose a lead oxide production line or curing chambers supplier based on the lowest price.

Sometimes there are strange dynamics in large companies:

  1. You are under pressure because you ‘only’ have a certain budget for the investment,

  2. your chief is pressuring you to entrust the order to ‘friendly’ suppliers.

For these reasons (and many others) mistakes are sometimes made which unfortunately have repercussions on production and quality.

Do you know what the end of the story is?

If you make a mistake and you’re the one who made the decision, you’re out!

On the contrary, the ones who bring their company to success are the ones who get the suppliers right and this is reflected on their career .

But I’ll take a step back.

There are many suppliers of battery equipment, some specialized, and some generic.

Here too a question comes to mind:

“Would you have your GP operate on you?”

The answer is the same: of course not!

A general practitioner always refers you to a specialist for serious health issues. For all the rest he’ll prescribe a generic pill.

How does lead-acid battery equipment supplier (there are many departments such as oxide, paste, assembly, formation etc…), that produces equipment for lithium batteries guarantee you or even simply give you production and quality advice?

I’ll get to the point

You’re not buying a piece of metal, an electrical panel, or a couple of motorized rollers.

If that’s what you need to buy, I’d be the first to tell you: “go cheap!”

In this industry you need to buy KNOW-HOW

I’m not selling “machines”, but information on how to produce high-performance lead oxide or how to cure plates – for people who want to make quality batteries.


So maybe you say:

“Who says so?”

Well, we have plenty of testimonials written by managers and operators who have used CAM equipment to produce lead oxide or to cure plates every day for over 50 years.

Besides this, we offer the Titanium Guarantee, but I’ll tell you about that separately. All you need to know is that it’s a strong guarantee, which will make you sleep more easily at night.

If you’re looking for vendor X that does it all, sorry but we can’t help you.

If on the other hand you’re looking for a lead oxide or plate curing specialist, you are on the right page my friend.

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Francesco Marfisi

CAM – THE Lead Oxide Specialists