Why AGM batteries are the future

In March 2023, the energy storage system for factories was inaugurated in Huzhou, China.
This system is one of the largest in the world.

The storage system is made up of AGM batteries only.

If you want more information click on the link below drawn up by CBI (Consortium for batteries Innovation).


But let’s take a step back.
What is an AGM battery?
AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries are a class of lead-acid batteries in which the electrolyte is absorbed into a matrix of thin glass fibres.

The advantages of AGM batteries are numerous.

1. Compact

They are compact, very resistant to mechanical stress (so resistant that they can be used for military purposes) and can be mounted in any position.

They can be used at high altitudes or at sea, and can cope better with high temperatures.
If the container breaks, the acid leakage is limited.
Thanks to the division of the plates by glass fibers, there is no danger of short circuit from cell to cell.

2. High Cranckin Power 

They are suitable for starting motors thanks to their very high inrush currents, they have a low self-discharge and a high amperometric yield during charging.

They also have a lower internal resistance than regular lead-acid batteries and maintain a more constant voltage, and charge faster;

Spiral plate batteries have an even shorter charging time.

3. No maintenance

They do not require maintenance.

Huzhou’s Case Study

Connected to Huzhou main power grid since March 2023.
The installation helps reduce energy costs for industries and citizens by providing an alternative energy source to peak tariffs.

The main advantage of this innovative system is the cost, compared to other energy storage systems:
– low investment cost
– Very fast ROI
– Very low carbon emissions
– 65% recycling rate

Goal of the project

The ultimate goal is to reduce energy costs for industries and residential areas.
During periods of high energy demand, AGM batteries reduce energy consumption from the grid.

We are talking about a local economy and population of around 3 million people.

AGM batteries are the future 

A new battery comes out every day.
New accumulation systems that are only good for a company’s shares.
In the real world, the REALLY GREEN, sustainable and economical storage system is and remains the advanced lead acid battery.
At least until today, 2024.

As Alessandro Manzoni wrote: “Hard sentence for posterity”