Clean production of lead cylinders thanks to LSS Technology (Lead Shaving System)

Thanks to the lead shaving system (LSS technology), today you can produce lead oxide without emissions and lead in the air.

Plus, you’ll have at least 652 MWh/year less consumption.

There are many reasons why you should use LSS Technology (Lead Shaving System) :

  1. Production cost problem

  2. Calculation of TCO (Total cost of ownership)

  3. Problem of emissions

  4. Problem of free lead emissions and the new European limits

As you can see, there are many reasons, but let’s start describing them one at a time.

1. Production cost problem

In 2022, manufacturing companies experienced significant cost increases resulting from rising energy costs.
In particular, the cost of gas has increased significantly.

This led to a reduction in profits with the same turnover, and worse still, many lead-acid battery companies made a loss.

Just consult the turnover and profits of many plants to verify this.
LSS Technology uses only electricity, which can be self-produced from renewable sources installed in the plant.
This allows you to be energy independent and not dependent on the price of gas.

Less 652 MWh of energy consumed for every million batteries produced.
This is the most important data.

2. Calculation of TCO (Total cost of ownership)

The purchase price of a production line is important, but it is also important to know all the hidden costs.

The purchase cost is what you see at the tip of the iceberg, the indirect costs are under water, you don’t see them, but you can calculate them.

I always talk about TCO (total cost of ownership). Among these indirect costs is the cost of energy consumption.

Energy consumption is the highest value you find in the TCO.

Luckily there are machines that save you a lot, which is why the purchase cost becomes irrelevant.

Thanks to LSS (Lead Shaving System) technology,

at least 652 MWh are saved x 1 million batteries produced in a year.

652 MWh, multiplied by the cost of your company’s energy, is the monetary result of the economic/annual savings.

With this energy saving,

the emission of 346 tons of CO2 is avoided

All this is possible by replacing your old gas casting lines for the production of lead cylinders.

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an algorithm that calculates the energy savings and payback you will have thanks to the installation of LSS (Lead Shaving System) technology.

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3. Problem of emissions

“From October, the CO2 levy‘s trial phase will require companies importing steel, cement, aluminium, electricity, fertilisers and hydrogen into the EU to report the emissions involved in producing those goods.

Companies will face penalties of up to 50 euros per tonne of CO2 if they don’t report. From 2026, there will be a CO2 fee applied to goods brought into the EU.”

Source Reuters

I quote this part of the article to summarize the fact that in Europe there will be increasingly stringent limits on industrial emissions.
The same applies to other continents as well.

Why emit when there are technologies that avoid emissions?

LSS Technology allows you to avoid emissions and continue to efficiently produce lead oxide for your batteries

4. Problem of free lead emissions and the new European limits

“The new rules include a revised binding workplace occupational exposure limit for lead in air of 0.03mg/m3 and a biological limit value for lead in blood of 15µg /100ml.

There is new guidance to protect female workers of childbearing age.”

BestMag Source 

These are the new limits.
The large lead-acid battery players certainly already adopt prevention systems with safety devices for operators (PPE),
but there are innovative systems that ‘zero’ the emission of lead into the air in the production of lead oxide.

This is called Lead Shaver.

If you don’t know this equipment that follows LSS (Lead Shaving System) Technology, it’s time you started studying it in depth, because it will help many operators, as well as cutting at least 652 MWh of energy consumed/year.

Tomorrow is today, there is no more time to procrastinate.


There is still a lot to do, but today there is a solution for the production of lead oxide and it is called LEAD SHAVING SYSTEM.

LSS Technology is the real solution for you!

If you use ingots the solution is Lead Shaver (for lead ingot)
If you use hogs the solution is XL Lead Shaver (for hog ingot)