CAM MOP 24 Ball Mill – Product Overview

The CAM MOP24 is a ball mill with a production capacity of 24.000 Kg (±6%) of lead oxide (PbO) in 24 hours, with an oxidation of 72% (±3 points) and an acid absorption between (230÷260) mg H2SO4/g PbO. The CAM MOP24 is equipped with a 48 ton capacity cylinder silo, a mill climate room and a process baghouse with horizontally arranged sleeves. A PLC interfaced with an electrical control panel is supplied for the management and control of the mill functions.

Product Sheet:

Properties of Lead Oxide (PbO):

Grain Size < 44 μm: (94÷98)%
Acid reaction time to sulfuric acid: (20÷60) s
Acid Absorption: (230÷260) mg H2SO4/g PbO
SCOTT density (1.00÷1.20) g/cm³
Water Absorption: (10.5÷12.5) cm³ H2O/100g oxide
Cam 4N4 Curing Chamber