CAM introduces FASMELT, the revolutionary MAGNETIC INDUCTION melting pot designed to melt ingots faster and more efficiently.

FASMELT offers rapid melting time, inspired by Francesco Marfisi experience with an induction cooker, minimal dross production, and significantly lower energy costs, approximately 60% less.

The system uses a high frequency generator and copper coils to generate a magnetic field, quickly melting lead ingots in just 20 minutes, infact the payoff is:


FASMELT is equipped with safety features such as an alluminum shield to isolate residual magnetic fields and has undergone extensive testing to ensure safety standards. The closed system reduces contact with oxygen, resulting in lower dross production and reduced costs for waste treatment.

FASMELT also features an automatic dross removal system for easy disposal. For more information, visit FASMELT PAGE at

BestMag, the important international sector magazine, wrote an article about it.
Click here to read the article

BestMag, the important international sector magazine, wrote an article about it.


The concept of the oven is basically the same as a classic gas or electrical melting oven.

It is equipped with a completely automatic ingot conveyor designed specifically for this application.

Fasmelt uses a high frequency generator to heat the melting pot by means of copper coils, which generate a magnetic field that quickly melts the lead ingot.

We achieve the melt temperature of around 400° in just 20 minutes.

If you want to see how this furnace works, please watch this video below:

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