CAM 30N3 – Product Overview

This curing chamber has been designed to create the temperature and moisture conditions necessary to transform the free lead content (Pb) on the treated plates into PbO. The 30N3 is a manually loaded, automatic curing chamber with a capacity of 30 pallets. It performs tribasic treatment on the plates. A plc is used to control and manage the process, guaranteeing a minimum oscillation of the process parameters, thus assuring consistent quality.

Product Sheet:


Plate Capacity Characteristics 30 Cam Type Pallets (800X1030X520) per room

Number of Plates per Pallet: (Pos. +) 3.920 (Neg. -) 4.900
Number of Plates per Room (Pos. +) 117.600 (Neg. -) 147.000
Kg of Lead per Pallet (Pos. +) 176 (Neg. -) 196
Kg of Lead per Room (Pos. +) 5.280 (Neg. -) 5.880
Kg of Mass per Pallet: (Pos. +) 320 (Neg. -) 390
Kg of Mass per Room: (Pos. +) 9.600 (Neg. -) 11.700
Pallet Weight: Kg (45÷50) each
Total weight per pallet: (Pos. +) Kg 546 (Neg. -) Kg 636
Total weight per chamber: (Pos. +) Kg 16.380 (Neg. -) Kg 19080.
Cycle time ‘horizontal plates’: (20÷28)h
Cycle time ‘vertical plates’: (16÷24)h
Cam 4N4 Curing Chamber