Oxide Storage Silo 45 – Product Overview

Product Name: Oxide Storage Silo 45

Product Description:

The intelligent system to storage lead oxide in safety.  CAM storage silos have a capacity of 45000 Kg. To facilitate transportation and installation, they are made up of various parts.

CAM silos have the following characteristics:

  • A vibrating system to facilitate discharge
  • Weighing system composed of four loading cells
  • A fire extinguishing system.

CAM Oxide Storage systems are also equipped with a baghouse with vertically arranged sleeves, which, creates internal atmospheric depression, so as to prevent the suspended lead oxide particles inside the silo from rising up and escaping.

  • Weighing System

Each silo is equipped with 4 load cells, which have the task of controlling the weight of each silo by visualizing the Kg by means of a display. The load cells will be calibrated to minimum and maximum level which activate the minimum and maximum load alarms. The control PLC in the electrical cabinet dedicated to the conveyor system is equipped with a dedicated program which allows automatic loading and discharge of the silos. This control system also permits the setting of ageing of the lead oxide in the silos (i.e. 24 or 48 hours) so that the lead oxide is stabilized and so that the oxidation level is consistent throughout the dust, thus guaranteeing the quality of the plates that will be produced. The entire conveyor and storage system will be visualized on a monitor in a control room.

  • Nitrogen distribution system

Each silo is fitted with 6 nozzles fed by 25mm diam. piping intercepted upstream by one electro valve and one manually operated valve. Connection to the silos nitrogen system from the nitrogen distribution center is excluded.

Data Sheet:

OXIDE STORAGE SILO DIMENSIONS: L 3090 x W (3090) x H 7510 [mm]


COMPRESSED AIR: flow 2000 l/h, pressure 6 bar, size pipe 1/2 “

Product Layout: