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Building the tomorrow’s technology with long last experience

The Marfisi brothers have been working in the field of industrial machinery and energy accumulators since 1967, bringing CAM Srl to become a leader in such field. Through the years CAM srl has grown significantly by offering innovative solutions . Our customers recongise our prompt and technologically superior service, with the possibility to custom build our systems to suit special requests. In fact, our costumers are linked on line with our technical staff, both to develop new projects and monitor CAM machinery located in different factories throughout the world.
In particular, we produce:

  • Lead oxide production systems
  • Lead ingot, cylinder and oxide transport systems
  • Lead oxide silos
  • Lead melt pots
  • Semi-automatic and automatic paste mixers
  • Curing chambers for battery plates
  • Flash drying ovens

In recent years, we have strongly developed our share in the European and International marketplace with encouraging success. In order to reach our goals, we have structured our company to be more productive, while at the same time optimising quality control and investing heavily in keeping our personnel up to date with the latest technological developments.

Through the years, we have distinguished and established ourselves on the market because of our close collaboration with customers, from project design to after-sales service.

some milestone works on late ’80s

Our founders

we brought our dream to the life driven by a strong passion and a neverending seeking of highest quality. Such values have always been at the root of any decision. Customer and quality first!

Armando MarfisiCEO
Bruno MarfisiProdution Director
Fernando MarfisiSales & Marketing Director

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