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CAM srl is a company that manufactures industrial equipment for the lead acid battery industry, in particular lead oxide ball mills and curing chambers for battery plates. The company was founded in 1967 by Armando Marfisi, later joined by his brothers Bruno and Fernando.

Our equipment is completely made in Italy at our headquarters, by highly skilled mechanical and electrical technicians, who also install and commission the machinery at the customer’s facility.


International certifications: ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 regarding Design and Manufacturing of IAF 18.
Furthermore, each piece of equipment we build is re-assembled and tested in most cases through a simulation of an 8 hour shift before shipping to the customer.


The first CAM systems were installed in the 1970s, all of which are currently still in operation, including our first ball mills. It is worth mentioning that we have never had to replace a mill drum, or the mill crown in any of our mills. The same thing goes for curing chambers. In general, our clients opt to carry out a revamping of components and accessories every 20-30 years to update the equipment, but the structure always remains the same.


CAM has sold equipment and systems in 4 continents and 20 countries in the world.

Europe: Italy, Wales (Cwmbran), Spain (Azuqueca, Manzanares, La Cartuja), Poland, Germany (Buedingen, Weiden, Bad Lauterberg, Berlin), Austria, Portugal, Ukraine, Armenia, France, Turkey, Russia.

Americas: Tennessee, Kansas, Brazil.

Africa: Algeria

Asia: Kazakhstan, The Philippines, Malaysia, UAE.


To design and build equipment paying great attention to detail in order to guarantee durable quality.

Through the years our R&D department has concentrated on innovating with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions while cutting energy consumption in the systems we build.  Our main focus has been on energy recovery systems in lead melting pots and in curing chambers, which have been installed both in new and older equipment, allowing 17 to 28 percent savings in energy expenditures.

Along the same path is our lead shaving system, the fulcrum of the future of this company and the lead acid battery industry. This system was first designed and built in 2005, and subsequently patented. Today this is a productive and well-established machine that has been installed in several battery factories.

We are convinced this contribution will be of vital importance for the future of the lead acid battery industry.

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Some milestone works on late ’80s

Our founders

We have brought our dream to life, driven by a strong passion and the unfaltering objective of attaining high quality. These values have always been at the core of every decision: Customers and quality first!

Armando Marfisi
Armando MarfisiCEO
CEO and founder of CAM srl. After several years of experience with a multinational lead acid battery producer, he opened his own workshop in 1967 and has put his experience to the service of the company.
Bruno Marfisi
Bruno MarfisiProdution Director
The second-born, Bruno is an industrial/mechanical technician in charge of mechanical project design and production.
Fernando Marfisi
Fernando MarfisiSales & Marketing Director
the youngest of Marfisi’s brothers. He is an industrial electro/technical expert and manages equipment assembly, customer assistance, and sales.

The World of CAM srl

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CAM Lead Shaving System: the first pillar of CAM Method

The CAM Lead Shaving System is self-contained: it includes an ingot conveyor, the Lead Shaver, and a feed material conveyor. Reduce costs and improve oxide quality

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